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Thu, 04/10/2014 - 10:16am
Last night we hosted an abbreviated version of our home invasion defense seminar.  Abbreviated because our complete class, which is about 8 hours long, covers some topics we did not have the time to get into last night, such as escaping restraints.

With that mind, the seminar was a huge success, covering many of the most important aspects concerning the legal aspects of home invasion, means to fortify one's home, and some self-defense skills we found are the most likely scenarios victims of such incidents may find themselves having to address.

In regards to the legal aspect we discussed what the law says about home invasions.  Specifically, we found that Home invasion is not a category on its own...but rather that the breaking an entry followed by a robbery or an assault is what gets documented and tracked.  Thus getting true statistics is hard to get.  we also discussed the rights of an individual to protect himself and his family within his home.  The castle doctrine, the obligation or right to retreat, and other case laws were discussed.

Naturally the conversation deviated to the use of firearms.  Although we, as instructors, do not think the use or reliance on firearms should be one's strategic security plan, we did discuss what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of various weapons.

More to the point, the class covered means for one to fortify his house so it represents a harder target. deterrence and prevention were the key terms.  From fences and bushes, to use of electronic means, we discussed how the outer permitter should be fortified.  Moving to the actual house structure we covered points of entry, including through the wall itself.  Expert locksmith provided first hand insight (and showed examples) of various locking mechanisms and some of the drawbacks to others.  Lastly, we covered the way one can protect himself and family inside the house, from use of tools to having a plan.

Moving on to the mat the class learned how to defend against an aggressive entrance by an unwelcomed person, from chokes to threats with a knife.  Followed by defenses on the ground and disarming an assailant armed with a handgun.

Home invasions are on the rise.  Armed and violent home invasions are a risk that everyone should be aware of...especially in our community where we had three such incidents in the last month alone.

Those who came last night to the FREE seminar are that much safer and prepared for it.

Stay safe!

Tzviel 'BK' Blankchtein
Masada Tactical