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Mon, 03/24/2014 - 6:13am
First trip to Israel is in the books.  Fourteen and one baby went, spent ten days touring, training, and experiencing Israel on all of its glory.

I could fill pages detailing the trip, the sites, the adventures, but no one has time for that.  What I do want to focus on for a second is the unexpected result of the trip.

We had the unique opportunities to visit some areas that are not typically accessible for the common tourist.  We visited the Gaza border the day 40 Qasam rockets were fired towards Sederot.  We toured with the IDF, border patrol and Israeli Police.  We saw how people live on 15 second cycles (the time that one has from when a siren is sounded before the rocket falls), and how within a couple of hours the area where the rocket fell is fixed as if nothing happened.  We visited a playground completely built inside a sheltered space.  We learned that life goes on even when the other side tries to get you off balance.  It is a different reality that most will never experience, understand, or appreciate.

The group by old rockets fired at Sederot.
It is the unfortunate reality that the way many Israelis live will never be exposed on popular media.  But, the members of our group got the unique opportunity to see it all first hand.

We also had the pleasure of meeting and training with special operations instructors and learn about the morality of the IDF and the resolute to end a fight and save lives at all costs.  We learned that a weapon is not a tool of choice but rather a necessity and one that the IDF will gladly put down once the enemy does the same.

We went to visit historical and religious sites, see the unique topography and beauty of a country.  What we came back with are fourteen ambassadors for the humanity and reality in which Israelis live by.

The Great Crater.  One of the wonders of the world.
That far exceeded any of my personal expectations.

As always, stay safe!
Tzviel 'BK' Blankchtein
Masada Tactical