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Thu, 08/02/2012 - 7:40am
Times are changing.  Someone actually took on the big and mighty Maryland State Police and won! Starting August 7, 2012 citizens in MD will be allowed to apply for and receive concealed carry permits without the hassle that was a part of the process until recently (see link here).

This blog is not about what my personal political views are, I think most people know those.  This post is not about the legal aspect of the new CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) regulations.  It is actually about how Masada Tactical, as a progressive organization that supports the individual's right to protect him/herself will be accommodating our carrying members.

The right to bring firearms into the facility
If you are allowed to legally carry a firearm by the State of Maryland, and you have an unrestricted carry permit, which therefore allows you to take your handgun with you wherever you go, Masada Tactical will support your right to do so.

That said, Masada Tactical is always concerned about the safety of all our members, including the 5 year old children walking and running around, therefore:

  1. If you carry a concealed weapon into Masada Tactical, we ask that you make it known to the Reception Desk staff.
  2. We reserve the right to ask to see your carry permit and make a photocopy of it.
  3. We will not allow weapons to be left unattended!!!  No exceptions!!!  We will be placing handgun lockers in the gym shortly which you can use to leave your handgun in.  Until such time, ask us to secure your handgun for you in one of our lockers and safes.
  4. Remember you will have a concealed carry permit, which means, your handgun has to be in a secure holster, out of people's view.  We reserve the right to ask anyone who is carrying a handgun openly, with the exception of sworn law-enforcement officers and Masada Tactical staff, to leave the premises.
EducationWe are the firsts to support the individual's right to protect him/herself and to bear arms.  That said, we are also strong proponents of proper education and training.  We have been offering basic and advance handgun classes for years, and we are proud to say that those are mandatory for our members and all of our students know how to be safe with their firearms.
We will be offering a CCW class  in the fall.  The class will discuss the legal aspects of carrying a concealed weapon, carry options, handgun choices, handgun presentation from a concealed position, and what to do after a violent self-defense situation.

In summary, we are proud to allow our members to practice their legal and responsible right to carry concealed weapons.  Abide the law, be careful, and as we always say: better have it and never need it, than need it and not have it!

As always, stay safe!
Tzviel 'BK' BlankchteinMasada Tactical, LLC