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Sun, 01/27/2013 - 12:39pm

I took a little leave of absence. Much of it was due to necessity as many good things happened in my life: we had our son, the company has been growing, I was traveling, etc.  
In addition, during the past few months events took place worldwide that I thought my commenting on would be pre-mature or inappropriate.  
I will not go here on a rant about my feelings about gun control, how I think we should address school violence incidents, or the truly unstable situation in Syria. I have made those points clear in the past. What I do want to discuss is what many consider taboo, and that is my political inclinations. I believe that by stating my opinions many of my actions and views would become clearer. 
I am a conservative. I am a republican. I am a patriot.
I am a republican not because I believe they are without their faults, but rather because they are less of "an evil" to me than the Democratic Party. Reality is that if there was a more moderate center in the United States it would possibly be a better fit, specifically in regards to social issues. However, the American way dictates two strong parties, thus not allowing smaller ones to truly influence their agenda. So one is forced to choose, and to choose one must. Because saying that neither is good and not voting at all, or just sitting in the corner whining about it isn't an option either. 
Here is why I am a Republican:
I am a capitalist. I am a small business owner who has worked hard to build what I have and I would like to keep it. I don't believe my hard work should pay for those less fortunate. I don't believe that taxing me more to pay for illegal immigrants, homeless people, and to support all those inner city thugs is the right way. 
There are people who are truly poor and need assistance. But the majority of people on social aid are those who learned how to "work the system." I see pimps with their Mercedes Benz and latest smart phone use food stamps. I see illegal immigrants go to school on full scholarships. And I wonder who pays for all of that? We have a bankrupt economy who works hard to support those who make little effort to contribute, on the expense of those who do. 

Immigration is fine. I did it. But I did it legally. I went through the process. And I am a contributing citizen to this country. We are the only country in the world that supports illegal activity. Not to mention that much of that activity is now associated with gangs (MS-13 from El-Salvador for example), drugs (Mexican cartels), human trafficking, and more. 
I believe the United States can stop spending money on those who don't deserve it and instead put processes in place to encourage small businesses to grow, reward those who contribute (like our GIs), and place better checks and balances on who is getting social aid. If you are on drugs, a criminal, or otherwise a threat to society, then the government should not be the one bailing you out so you can spend your drug earned money on...well, more drugs. 
I am a Realist. Realism is a school of thought in international relations. It is based on the projection of Power. Power can be exerted via different means, from military power to economical manipulation. It is how the United States became a super power to begin with. 
There was a time that nations around the globe listened to what we had to say. They worked hard to gain our support. Today, they don't care. Today we have nations like Iran threaten the USA on a regular basis. We have a president who bows to foreign rulers (such as Japan and Saudi Arabia)...which is against the code of conduct. We have a weak nation that still thinks it is a super power but in reality is the mocking joke of the world. 

In years past if someone threatened the USA, the president bombed them. If someone took a stand against the USA or its policy, we took away their financial aid. Today we provide terror groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood with F-16s. This makes little sense to me. Does no one think that these sophisticated war machines can be used against the USA or America infrastructures in the Middle East?

I am a Patriot.  True, I wasn't born in this country, but ever since I moved here I have done everything I can to support it, and specifically it's military and peace keepers. I train many of them, often times for free. I assist, consult, and donate to the best of my ability. When the US Armed Forces are criticized from within, when events such as the Benghazi attacks are swept under the rug as if nothing wrong was done, and when US soldiers are used as bargaining chips, it bothers me. When the president says he killed Bin-Laden it bothers me. Mr. President, you didn't kill anyone.  SEAL Team 6 did. 

I don't even want to go into all of our veterans coming back and the government turning its back on them. Yes, I believe we can use them, as in putting them to protect our schools. You get professionals who need a job and we can save money on trying to enforce legislation that has been proven in other countries to not work. It's a win-win.
Our founding fathers were a smart group of individuals. Much smarter than me, much smarter than you, and by far smarter than our president. The constitution and the bill of rights were written in a deliberate manner and with a purpose. The main objective of the constitution was to provide the American people with FREEDOM. Freedom to practice religion, freedom to say what the hell they want, and freedom from overly intrusive governments. 

The government is suppose to provide processes so that we, the citizens, can make our own choices, make our mistakes, enjoy the fruits of our labor, or suffer the consequences of failure. When I am taxed to no end to support those who choose to not work, or when my right to bear arms is limited in any way shape or form, or when I am not allowed to say "Merry Christmas" (even though I'm Jewish) because it may be politically incorrect,I find it to be an issue. 

Personal accountability and over sensitivity have gone too far. Let me live my life and I won't interfere with yours! sum it up: let me keep the money I work hard for, and set better processes to eliminate social waste.  Start acting like a super-power again before it is too late and for God's sake, let me keep my guns and second amendment rights as a law-abiding citizen.  Start enforcing the laws that are already in place!