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Mon, 12/16/2013 - 1:04pm

When people ask me about preparedness I admit that I try to do some advance planning.  I am not building bunkers, or moving "off the grid", but I do think that some general safety precautions are most definitely required.
No, I truly don't think the living dead will be coming after me.  At least not in the sense that the media has had us think of it.  Reality is that "zombies", as in mindless ravenous entities, are already among us, trolling within arm's reach of the general populous.
For me zombies are those who in a whim will not hesitate to think twice about breaking an entry, stealing what they need, and possibly hurting those in their way.  I am talking about drug addicts, mentally disturbed individuals, and even those who suffer from poverty and who, when cornered, may need to fend for themselves to survive.

There are many reasons why a person, who may under most circumstances be law-abiding, will become a predator.  Most will do so out of a protective drive.  Out of the need to protect themselves and the ones they love.  Others will just do it to take advantage of a situation that affords little protection to those they can prey on.  But what will cause a person to cross that line?  History teaches us that it doesn't have to be a viral attack that leaves these people mindless.  We have seen occurrences happen after most every social, economical, political, and environmental collapse.
Remember Hurricane Katrina?  Massive flooding left thousands stranded, stores abandoned, and a playground for those who took advantage of it.

How about the economic collapse of 1929?  Again, many were left homeless, desperate, and with little to lose.

Examples go on and on.  It seems as though almost daily we hear about a natural disaster in one place or another, from floods to storms and fires.  We hear about civil uprising which isn't that civil after all, leaving people raped, beaten and stripped of all belongings and dignity.  We hear about stock markets crashing, tribal wars, racial discrimination, and many other ailments of our modern lifestyle that one can see how simple it is for a person to go over the edge.
So how can you defend yourself, without resorting to shooting a zombie in the head?  Well, you can invest a little in enhancing your home security.  Make sure that your house is not the one broken into.  Get a dog.  make sure that crucial items are always stocked and secure.  Make a plan to leave town if the situation warrants it.  Know where you will go and how you will get there.  Find like minded people to help you.
The CDC used Zombies as means of educating the general population on general safety and preparedness.  Follow some of their tips to enhance your current safety level.  
So invest a little time and effort in pre-planning for what is more likely and inevitability rather than a probability.  Have a plan to remain safe when the rest of civilization is starting to feed on your like.
Stay safe,
Tzviel 'BK' BlankchteinMasada Tactical