Masada Tactical prides itself in providing the most current and effective training methods available to date. All of Masada Tactical's instructors are professionals in their respective fields with years of experience in military, law-enforcement, and security operations. Our instructors make sure to adjust and adapt the training methods and material to fit the ever changing needs of operators in the field.

Masada Tactical provides tactical training for various military and law-enforcement units world wide. Masada Tactical specializes in Close Quarter Battle/Warfare, be it hand-to-hand combat in confined spaces, use of firearms in a tactical manner, or restraint and control.  Some of our training programs are:
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Israeli Point-Shoot and Tactical Handgun
  • Active Threat/Shooter Response
  • Evasive and Defensive Driving
  • Executive Protection
  • Edged Weapon Tactics for Law-Enforcement
  • Tactical Emergency Medic
  • Urban Counterterrorism 
  • SWAT Maritime Operations
  • Maryland compliant Firearms classes (HQL,CCW)
Masada Tactical instructors realize the unique needs of operators, as well as the liability issues many agencies face today. Our training classes are designed to fit specific needs of each unit and its mission, use of force policies, departmental, federal and other regulations.